About Us - Our Mission & Values 

Our Mission

[ Unlock EVERY case with solid digital evidence ]

Whether a court case, an internal corporate investigation, or a private matter, Key Forensics treats every situation with professionalism, integrity, and respect. We believe the sooner professional forensic examiners are involved, the stronger the case will be.  Our goal is to produce strong, thorough, and timely results.

We serve law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government agencies and private individuals. Key Forensics will deliver objective, thorough and legally sound results – the foundation for informed decisions.  We exist to help restore justice and protect humanity.  We believe thorough, solid evidence is the KEY to solving EVERY case.

Our Values


[ Focus ]



We pay laser-focused attention to every detail


[ Accuracy ]



We understand there is no room for errors and we work with that in mind


[ Ownership ]



Your case

is our case


[ Unity ]



We work in

unison with you


[ Innovation ]



We use the nation’s leading and most innovative forensics platforms