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The Seven Digital Forensic Keys in Business-Related Cases

Updated: Apr 8

Technology moves at an incredible pace. The digital landscape can be near impossible to keep up with for many attorneys working on cases related to business disputes.


This is a big piece of what we, at Key Forensics, do. Many of our cases revolve around business/corporate suits. We are an invaluable part of the investigation team and an attorney’s ally when it comes to navigating the bottomless sea and complex digital evidence of a case.  There really is no such thing anymore as a case without a digital footprint.


We help attorneys discover the key to strengthen their position, reveal hidden evidence/truths, and ultimately unlock the case and achieve the outcomes they desire for their clients.


In this article, we take a closer look at seven key points by which we can help attorneys litigate business disputes (and any other type of case they may be working on), ultimately helping them save time and resources and leverage their work.


Key Point 1: Electronic Discovery

·      Electronic discovery is a crucial piece of today’s legal proceedings. Key Forensics, LLC can assist attorneys in efficiently & effectively identifying, collecting, and reviewing electronic documents and communications relevant to the dispute.


Key Point 2: Ethical Matters

·       Digital Forensic Examiners must follow the relevant privacy laws and obtain consent to access and utilize the data they find. Otherwise, the accuracy and reliability of the data and its admissibility in court could be called into question by the opposing council. By following strict ethical and legal standards and using sophisticated technology tools and investigative techniques we can give attorneys a significant strategic advantage in business-related cases. Our article, Ethics & Digital Forensics, focuses entirely on the ethics of digital forensics.

Key Point 3: Expert Testimony

·       We have been listed as an expert and have experience serving as as an expert witness in court proceedings. We can offer testimony which can help explain complex technical concepts and data to judges and juries in a way they can understand - thus enhancing an attorney's ability to present a compelling case based on digital evidence. We can also help provide visuals for use in these cases regarding the digital evidence.


Key Point 4: Fraud

·       One of the first things people think about when it comes to digital evidence in a business-related dispute is fraud. Fraudulent activities can leave a digital trail detectable through forensic analysis. We can be the key to tracing financial transactions, uncovering hidden assets, and providing attorneys and litigants with compelling evidence in fraud-related business disputes.


Key Point 5: Intellectual Property

·       Business disputes may arise from cybersecurity incidents, such as data breaches or intellectual property theft, which may occur when an employee leaves the company and goes to work for a competitor or starts their own competing business. Key Forensics can investigate and identify the source and scope of theft and data breaches.


Key Point 6: Preservation

·       Key Forensics can assist attorneys in preserving and maintaining the integrity of digital evidence – a critical piece of a business dispute. This includes securing data from various sources, such as mobile devices, computers, servers, emails, etc.


Key Point 7: Reconstruction & Recovery

·      During the course of an investigation, attorneys may discover that digital evidence has been damaged, destroyed or manipulated. Key Forensics can employ advanced techniques through the use of licensed digital investigative software that may be able to recover and reconstruct lost or tampered data. 


To learn more about Key Forensics’ approach to digital forensic examinations and expert testimony, please contact us for a consultation.

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