• Dave Hulshizer

S.O.S. (Our Software Options Series) #3 - EnCase

Updated: May 24

The final part of our software options series focuses on EnCase. EnCase is a commercial forensics platform offering support for evidence collection from over twenty-five different types of devices, including desktops, mobile devices and GPS. Within the tool, a forensic investigator can inspect the collected data and generate a wide range of reports based upon predefined templates.

Recently, EnCase was named the “Best Computer Forensic Solution” for 2020 by SC Magazine. This is the 10th year in a row they have been the proud recipient of this award. EnCase considers themselves the gold standard in forensic investigations – including mobile acquisition. No other solution offers the same level of functionality, flexibility, and has the track record of EnCase's court-acceptance. With EnCase offering mobile forensics, examiners like myself have the flexibility and convenience needed to complete investigations quickly and efficiently - exactly what attorneys need.

From the moment we get your case is opened to the moment we hand it back over, you can be assured things were done correctly through the entire process, including:

  • triage

  • collection

  • decryption

  • procession

  • investigation, and

  • reporting

EnCase technology has been deployed on an estimated 34 million endpoints. Their field-tested and court-proven solutions are used with confidence by industry leaders and government agencies around the world.

When you take the step to hire a digital forensics examiner to work on your case, it streamlines the e-discovery process when they're using a software suite like EnCase, which gives attorneys the ability to do what they're best at and focus on the case strategy. EnCase is often one of the first pieces of software employed when digital documents need to be thoroughly investigated.

Three key areas that set EnCase apart include:

  • Carving image files

  • Finding deliberately hidden keywords

  • Real time endpoint investigation

Find out more about EnCase and how they help examiners uphold evidence security and get it into the courtroom...